6-WEEK holiday


Want to make sure you stay fit and shred a few pounds during the holidays?

We created FREE Meal Plans + Grocery Lists + Workout Plan for you.

To help you challenge yourself even further, you have the option of working out with me digitally or in-gym



How To Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight!

The holidays are right around the corner and you’d most likely want to dig into mac & cheese, sweets, casseroles, eggnog and everything else that makes the holidays, the holidays.

While you will most likely give in to your indulgence, we understand that you may be scared to put on a few pounds

So we’ve got a solution for you.

Our HOLIDAY SHRED CHALLENGE has been created to give you the freedom to indulge and still lose 10-pounds in six weeks. If it fails, we owe you a FREE month of training at MMFitness Gym (In-Gym Challenge only).

To ensure we keep to our promise to have you 10-pounds lighter in six weeks, we’ll be providing...

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Grocery lists to shop from Sprouts, Publix, Walmart, Target and Winn Dixie

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A six week meal plan with cheat meals allowed

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An app to track your food intake

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Discount on workout programs/sessions to support your goal


To help you meet up to and surpass your goals this holiday, we have great options for you that includes in-person and digital workout sessions and FREE programs.

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Meal Plan + Workout Plan only


Grocery Lists

6-week Meal Plans

10-page instructional workout plan

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Meal Plan + Digital Home Workout Program



6-week Workout Plan (videos)

Grocery lists

Meal Plans

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Green Tick

Meal Plan + In-Person Workout Sessions



Grocery lists + Meal Plans

6-Weeks Of Training

Goal setting appointment with trainer

Progress Photos to track progress

Personal Guarantee or FREE Month!

have any questions?

Email: MMFitnessTampa@gmail.com


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