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Full body workout program designed to get you lean, toned and fit. The combination of scientifically-backed moves, motivating instructors and great music helps you achieve much more than you would on your own.


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private group Sessions

Private group training is available at 5AM, 6AM, 5:30PM, and 6:30PM, throughout the week. These sessions are aimed to target overall total body fat, promote weight loss, and lean muscle gain.

1-on-1 personal training sessions

1-on-1 session are available at times discuss with trainer. We have three expert trainers on staff to lead you to your specific goals.

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Small Group Personal Training - 30 Days

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Nutrition Coaching

Want our help with your own nutrition and fitness goals? We work with a small group of Men and Women personally.

Over the course of 6 to 52 weeks together, we help them get into the best shape of their lives and stay that way for good.


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3-phase Nutrition Plan

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Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

6-week Nutrition Program

Specialty programs

Throughout the year we will introduce 6 week specialty programs from intensive strength training to metabolic interval training. From transformation challenges, to nutrition challenges. As a member, you will have first dibs in these programs.

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Professional Coaching

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Full workout plan

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book your Free consultation to target your goals

Everyone’s goals and pain points are unique. Let the professionals lead you to success with a prescribed action plan to reach all your goals through each obstacle in your fitness journey!

Meet your coaches

James Coley Jr.

Certified Personal Trainer

Former military serviceman, professional basketball player, and WWE wrestler, James has committed to helping men and women globally achieve their fitness and nutritional goals as the foundation to living a healthy lifestyle. Through proper education and training-- for beginners, fitness fanatics, body builders, and athletes-- King's clients are experiencing optimal health and peak performance.

Chris Bullock

Athletic Movement Specialist

Christopher Bullock aka Coach Scoop.

Born and raised in Tampa Fl, was always competitive playing multiple sports ranging from Baseball, Inline speed skating, BMX racing, Soccer, Running, and Basketball. Scoop found his passion in athletic movement training where he trains athletes and fitness enthusiasts to find higher levels of performance. “I look forward to a challenge and have a no quit attitude with my clients”.

Damarcus Faison

Certified Personal Trainer

Coach Damarcus is a versatile and dynamic fitness guru whose expertise spans from mentoring top-tier athletes to guiding everyday individuals through functional training. With an unconventional approach to coaching, the experience of working out with Coach D is a promise of positive engagement and a departure from your comfort zone!


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Hi! I'm Micah. I started MMFitness in 2011 with the goal to bring about the fitness ambitions of Tampa Bay a reality.

This private gym is located at 8602 Temple Terrace Hwy and offers personal, semi-personal, and group training sessions. We have a mix of Strength & Conditioning, Functional Training, Cross-Training, HIIT, Olympic Lifts, and other forms of resistance training. If you're looking to get lean, toned, and fit, the full-body workout program put up by MMFitness is designed to do just that. We combine our scientifically-backed moves and motivating instructors with great music to help you become the best version of yourself.

Upcoming Events

MMFitness Retreat

Join MMFitness on an all inclusive 2-day weekend wellness getaway. Enjoy time in nature, disconnect from distractions and rejuvenate your energy. Detoxify your body with 3 daily vegetarian meals and natural juices. Detoxify your mind with meditation, yoga, reading and team building exercise. You deserve to make yourself a priority. Move Your Body, Change Your Habits, Renew Your Life.

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6-Week full body program

This exercise program follows an FULL BODY 3-DAY HYPERTROPHY PLAN with the following muscle groups being trained on each day:

Days 1, 2 & 3:

• Legs

• Back

• Shoulders

• Glutes

• Biceps & Triceps

• Hamstrings & Calves

6-Week BodyWeight Blast Challenge (Video Series)

There are 6 workouts in this program, avail online 24/7 when you’re ready to work! They’re approx 30 minutes each, and include the full workout -with warm up and cool down. Designed for ALL fitness levels, with limited space, and NO equipment needed!

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Address: 8602 Temple Terrace Hwy D-36, Tampa, FL 33637



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